Israeli army briefly infiltrates Gaza border

Israeli army briefly infiltrates Gaza border
Security sources said that about 11 Israeli vehicles, including bulldozers, infiltrated the eastern Al-Shajeya neighbourhood of Gaza City.
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Gaza city
18 October, 2021
Israeli military vehicles infiltrated the eastern parts of Gaza City on Monday morning [Getty]

Israeli soldiers on Monday morning infiltrated the eastern part of the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian security sources. 

Around 11 Israeli military vehicles, including bulldozers, entered the besieged Palestinian enclave via the eastern fence of the Al-Shejaeya neighbourhood of Gaza City, security sources told The New Arab

"The vehicles made a limited incursion into the Palestinian territories, while the bulldozers carried out dredging and sweeping operations in the [area]," the sources said.

They said that the Israeli infiltration lasted for several hours. Israeli officials have not commented on the incident. 

Israeli forces carry out periodic incursions into Palestinian farmlands in the Gaza Strip, usually with no official comment.

Gaza has been under siege by Israel since 2007, leading to crippling shortages of food, building materials, and medicine.

Israel has also carried out major military assaults on the enclave since then, leading to thousands of civilian deaths.

Last May, 256 Palestinians were killed and thousands more injured in a deadly Israeli assault on Gaza which lasted ten days.