Israeli army arrest Lebanese man who crossed border fence into Misgav Am settlement

Israeli army arrest Lebanese man who crossed border fence into Misgav Am settlement
A Lebanese man was detained by Israeli forces after crossing the UN-demarcated Blue Line and into the illegal settlement of Misgav Am
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11 July, 2022
The UN-demarcated border between Lebanon and Israel is known as the Blue Line [Getty]

Israeli forces arrested a Lebanese man who slipped across the Lebanon-Israel border on Sunday night, Israeli military spokesman Avichay Adraee said.

The man was detained after crossing the UN-demarcated Blue Line and into the settlement of Misgav Am, bordering the south Lebanon village of Aadaiseh. Several Israeli convoys were seen at the border, alarming the residents of nearby villages.

"The [Israeli] forces arrested the suspect, as it became clear that… it was an unarmed Lebanese citizen, who was transferred for investigation," Adraee wrote on Twitter.

The Israeli army "will continue to work to prevent any attempt to cross the border and breach Israeli sovereignty," he added.

It was unclear why the man crossed into Israel, although crossings into Israel from Lebanon are a common occurrence.

There have been cases where Lebanese shepherds and other civilians have engaged in verbal disputes with Israeli soldiers along the border.

Israeli patrols also frequently cross the Blue Line into Lebanon. Their air force and navy also violate Lebanese airspace and waters on a near-daily basis. 

Last month, Israel's army repeated accusations that the militant group Hezbollah is operating an observation post near the Lebanon-Israel border under the guise of an environmental group, a claim previously rejected by the UN.

Tensions have risen between Lebanon and Israel in recent weeks after Israel moved a gas rig into an offshore field, waters claimed by Beirut.

Israel also recently concluded military drills in Cyprus which simulated a conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon.