Israel strike on Syria 'targeted Iran weapons system': report

Israel strike on Syria 'targeted Iran weapons system': report
A strike on Damascus International Airport reportedly damaged logistics facilities at the site.
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08 June, 2022
Damascus Airport was targeted in the strike [Getty]

An alleged Israeli attack on a Syrian airport two weeks ago targeted the delivery of an Iranian weapons system, according to reports.

The rare surface-to-surface missile strike on Damascus International Airport tore up runways and halted logistics flights, Israel's Channel 13 reported.

The damage also prevented Boeing 747 cargo planes from landing at the Damascus airport, which the broadcaster alleged were being used to deliver Iranian missile systems to Syria. These weapons would be sent on to Lebanon's Hezbollah, the broadcaster claimed.

Iran is a key ally of the Assad regime and is thought to operate several Syrian airports and military facilities in regime-controlled areas.

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Israel has regularly targeted these sites saying they are being used to funnel in arms for Tehran's proxies in the region, although it does not officially comment on most air raids in Syria.

Syrian state media reported that the 20 May strike was conducted using surface-to-surface missiles.

Israel cooperated with Russia on such strikes in Syria, with missile defence systems often turned off during Israeli air raids but recent tensions over Ukraine have reportedly led to fractures in this arrangement.