Israel sentences Palestinian minors to four months in prison

Israel sentences Palestinian minors to four months in prison
Two Palestinian minors have been sentenced to four months in prison by an Israeli military court
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29 July, 2015
Israeli intelligence authorities are against some of Isteiti's demands [Anadolu]

An Israeli military court in Salem Camp, west of the West Bank city of Jenin, sentenced on Tuesday two Palestinian minors from the town of Yaabad, south of Jenin, to four months in prison.

Saleh Ayoub, a lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoners Society, said in a statement: "The Salem court sentenced Amer Abdul Rahman al-Baajawi (14) and Sanad Khedr Msharqeh (15) to four months in prison, in addition to a fine of $800 each".

Israeli authorities arrested the two Palestinian minors on 23 May 2015.

Meanwhile, the Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights stated that there are currently negotiations between the Israeli military prosecution and lawyer Ashraf Abu Sneina to reach a deal on the Palestinian prisoner he represents, Uday Isteiti, who has been on hunger strike for 41 days to protest his administrative arrest.

Abu Sneina said that the Israeli intelligence authorities were against some of Isteiti's demands.

Isteiti has been demanding a written and documented confirmation of his release date. However, Israeli security refuses to accept his demand, leading to ongoing negotiations until a deal is reached.

Isteiti has been suffering from pain and has begun to lose control of his limbs. He is also unable to walk, according to an earlier statement by the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

According to Abu Sneina, the Israeli Supreme Court is holding a session on 4 August to look into Isteiti’s case, putting pressure on Israeli intelligence and security authorities involved in the negotiations.