Israel to select new Jordan ambassador after settling spat

Israel to select new Jordan ambassador after settling spat
Israeli media reports say that PM Binyamin Netanyahu will soon select a new envoy to neighbouring Jordan.
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20 January, 2018
Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly said that compensation will also be paid to Jordan's government [Getty]

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says he will soon decide on Israel's new ambassador to Jordan, a day after the two countries agreed to put a monthslong diplomatic spat behind them.

Netanyahu said Israel had expressed remorse over a shooting at its Amman embassy last summer that killed two Jordanians, according to Israeli media reports.

Israel's ambassador returned to Israel along with the guard involved in the shooting. The guard claimed self-defense and received a hero's welcome at home, angering Jordanians.

The incident ruptured relations between the countries which signed a peace agreement in 1994 and cooperate on security and other issues.

Haaretz quoted Netanyahu saying Israel has "a strong interest in this relationship."

Netanyahu, the report added, said that Israel will compensate the Jordanian government but not the families of the deceased.