Israel preparing for possible strike on Iran nuclear facilities, military chief says

Israel preparing for possible strike on Iran nuclear facilities, military chief says
Israel's army chief has warned that a strike against Iran's nuclear activities was possible as the military intensifies preparations.
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10 November, 2021
Kochavi said the Israeli army was ready to respond to any threats [Getty]

Israel's military has been intensifying its preparations for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, Israeli army Chief Aviv Kochavi said on Tuesday.

Kochavi stressed the Israeli army is "accelerating its operational planning and readiness to deal with Iran and the military nuclear threat," according to Israeli media.

He made his comments during a session of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Security Committee devoted to reviewing the military situation in the region.

Israel is strongly opposed to Iran’s nuclear programme and says Tehran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon. Iran denies the claims.

Talks to revive a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers are set to resume on 29 November in Vienna. Negotiations have been stalled since June.

The now-defunct deal had provided Iran with sanctions relief in exchange for limits and monitoring on its nuclear programme.

The Israeli army "is in the process of changing and adapting entire units to the current and future needs of the current and future battlefield," said Kochavi, adding that a recently approved budget makes it possible to deal with such threats.

He warned that Israel was ready to retaliate to any threats, whether from Gaza – which it bombed for 11 days in May, killing over 250 people - or from its northern borders.

Israeli security officials claimed last month that Iran was attempting to reinforce its anti-air capacities across parts of Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, which Israel has reportedly been bombing.

Iran supports the Shia paramilitary Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, which Israel says is one of the greatest threats to its existence. Iran also supports other militias, mostly in Iraq and Syria.