New Israeli plan seeks to divide Gaza into emirates ruled by local tribes

New Israeli plan seeks to divide Gaza into emirates ruled by local tribes
In a plan reportedly drawn up by the Israeli military, unspecified local 'clans' would rule a post-war Gaza in separate 'emirates'.
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02 January, 2024
Under the plan, Israel's current invasion force in Gaza would assume military control of the territory [Getty]

The Israeli military is due to present a post-war scenario to the government war cabinet on Tuesday, which will reportedly suggest dividing Gaza into different sectors or "emirates" ruled by local clans or tribes rather than a single political entity.

According to Israeli public broadcaster Kan 11, the military plan, informally referred to as "the day after", would see these unspecified clans and tribes take the reins of civil government away from Hamas.

Though no specific details were given on the identity of the "clans" who would rule the so-called "emirates", they are allegedly known to and in contact with both the Israeli Army and Israel’s internal security agency Shin Bet.

According to the plan, each of the ruling families allied with Israel would be responsible for ruling civilian life, including the distribution of humanitarian aid from Egypt and elsewhere, according to Kan 11.

The plan would see Israel assume responsibility for security in Gaza, meaning it would entail the physical Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian enclave.

The proposed scheme may also extend to the West Bank, Kan 11 also reported.

This would entail Israel potentially taking power away from the internationally recognised Palestinian Authority (PA), which would further increase tension between Israel and its major ally the US, with Washington supporting the PA taking power in Gaza and maintaining its rule in the West Bank.

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On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again vehemently ruled out any role for the PA, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, having any role in Gaza.

"There is no point in talking about the PA as part of managing Gaza as long as the Authority does not undergo a radical change. If they (the PA) are serious about changing, they should first prove it in the West Bank," he said during a session of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee.

Netanyahu's comments followed a meeting between Israel's Minister for Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, where they discussed a Palestinian entity ruling Gaza without going into detail.

Blinken is set to visit Israel this week, where he will seek clarifications on this matter.

The US fears that Israel’s opposition to a Palestinian-led government ruling Gaza after the completion of the war will lead to Israel permanently occupying the strip.

All of Israel’s post-war plans rely on the defeat of Hamas and its allies who remain a significant and popular force in Gaza, capable of launching rockets and thwarting Israeli military advances.