Israel 'must eliminate' Hamas chief in Gaza, former Israeli army general says after Elad killings

Israel 'must eliminate' Hamas chief in Gaza, former Israeli army general says after Elad killings
'Israel must eliminate Yahya Sinwar,' former Israeli army general Israel Ziv said hours after three Israelis were killed near Tel Aviv on Thursday night.
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06 May, 2022
Sinwar called for Palestinians to take up arms against the Israeli occupation at an iftar gathering in Gaza City last week [AFP via Getty]

A former Israeli army general said on Friday that Israel "must eliminate" Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas in the besieged Gaza Strip, a day after three Israelis were killed in Elad.

Major General Israel Ziv, former commander of the army's Gaza Division, bayed for Sinwar's blood after a video of the Hamas number two calling last week on Palestinians to pick up weapons to fight Israeli occupation resurfaced.

"Israel must eliminate Yahya Sinwar," Ziv told Israeli radio station 103FM. "He gave the order and should take responsibility... Israel should, very simply, thwart him."

Ziv's call to get rid of Sinwar came hours after a day after a stabbing attack in Elad left three Israelis dead. Police said the incident occurred as Israel celebrated its so-called "independence day".

Elad, situated near Tel Aviv, hosts mostly members of Israel’s ultraorthodox Jewish community, known as Haredim.

Israel said it had launched a manhunt for two Palestinian suspects. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday condemned the attack.

Sinwar made the call for armed action at an iftar gathering in Gaza City on 30 April, warning Israel against harming the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.

Israeli settlers and security forces raided the mosque several times over the course of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, injuring hundreds of Palestinian worshippers.

Settlers also raided the mosque compound on Thursday, raising the Israeli flag. At least 40 Palestinians were arrested.

"Let everyone who has a rifle prepare his rifle. And whoever does not have a gun, let him prepare his machete, axe, or a knife," Sinwar told the gathering.

Israeli media reported that the Elad attackers carried a firearm and an axe.