Israel intensifies intelligence operations against Iran

Israel intensifies intelligence operations against Iran
Israel is reportedly intensifying its intelligence activities against Iran, hoping to detect any breach by Tehran of the landmark agreement the Islamic Republic signed with world powers.
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17 August, 2015
Israel is seeking to thwart the Iran nuclear deal, say analysts [Anadolu]
Israeli spy bosses are monitoring Iran more closely than ever before, in an effort to show that Tehran is breaching terms of the recent landmark nuclear deal, according to Maariv Online on Monday.

At the time when Israel is sparing no effort to try to thwart the nuclear deal agreement with Iran, the Israeli Directorate of Military Intelligence (Aman) is also intensifying its activities, the website reported.

According to Aman, if Iran does not breach the agreement, it will remain without nuclear capabilities for the coming few years - but will continue to support operations against Israel from behind the scenes by preparing a front against Israel along the Golan Heights.

Iran and Hizballah have previously launched military operations in southern Syria, and Iran is known to have supplied Hizballah with weapons and other combative capabilities.

Maariv said that, in the context of the assessment made by the Israeli Army general staff and the Ministry of Security, and in light of the political level of the agreement, Aman sees tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia as an issue that could be exacerbated in future.

Israeli intelligence has also forecast that Arab countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Jordan are in turn seeking to develop nuclear projects for peaceful and civil purposes.

Some of these countries may be able to swiftly transform these projects into military capabilities, Aman claims.

Egypt, for example, has been busy in the past eight years trying to develop nuclear capabilities and may accelerate its plans to develop a project similar to that of Iran's following the nuclear deal with the West, says the Israeli news site.

Previous Israeli reports have indicated that, following the Iran nuclear deal, Israel has been attaching great importance to its intelligence activities to detect any Iranian breach of the agreement - in order to justify distrusting the Iranian leadership and the rejecting the agreement.

Israeli reports had on several occasions referred to the importance of "the cyber war" in this context - and hinted that Israel remains determined to continue its attempts to sabotage the Iranian nuclear project.

Israel's Security Minister Moshe Yaalon has also announced that "there is no immunity for Iranian nuclear scientists". Several Iranian nuclear experts have been assassinated in recent years, with many blaming Israel for their deaths.