Israel looks to increase funding to counter pro-Palestine BDS movement

Israel looks to increase funding to counter pro-Palestine BDS movement
The Israeli government said it will increase funding to counter the BDS movement in light of what it alleges was 'increasing anti-semitism'.
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24 January, 2022
The BDS campaign has long been accused of being anti-semitic by Israel [Getty- archive]

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said during his weekly cabinet on Sunday that his government will allocate "additional funding" to counter the activity of the Palestinian-led international Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement (BDS).

Bennett’s announcement came after Israeli daily Israel Hayom - close to former premier and rival Benjamin Netanyahu - claimed the current government was "not doing enough to counter BDS".

The newspaper said the merging of both the strategic affairs and foreign ministries had led to a decrease in funding, after the former ministry had a primary focus on countering global "anti-Israel" movements.

The cabinet’s decision also comes after the Texas hostage crisis at a synagogue on 15 January.

"Contemporary antisemitism comes in many guises. Today, this energy of Jew-hatred is frequently directed at the state of the Jews. Our obligation as the State of Israel is to expose it, even when it is disguised, and fight it," said Bennett.

The peaceful BDS campaign calls for a boycott of Israel, including culturally and academically, until it ends its occupation of Palestinian territories and recognises Palestinian rights.

Israeli officials accuse it of being "anti-Semitic", similar to any individual or organisation critical of ongoing Israeli violations against Palestinians.