Israel secular group petitions High Court after pregnant woman denied hospital access over 'non-Kosher wafers'

Israel secular group petitions High Court after pregnant woman denied hospital access over 'non-Kosher wafers'
Israel recently passed a law that allows hospitals to ban non-Kosher products during Ramadan.
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06 April, 2023
Israeli hospitals can ban non-Kosher products from entering during the Sabbath [Getty]

An Israeli secular group has petitioned the country's High Court after a pregnant woman was denied access to a hospital for carrying non-Kosher products, media have reported.

Head of Be Free Israel has called for the court to overturn the so-called Hametz Law, which has seen patients searched for non-kosher food, such as leavened bread, upon entering hospitals during Passover, according to Israeli media reports.

The group said that the so-called Hametz Law violates the rights of patients not to be searched at hospitals.

"This is a violation of the right to property and freedom of movement… The state should not interfere in a person's customs and it does not give an individual the right to impose his religious beliefs on others," lawyers from the group said, according to The Times of Israel.

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The Knesset passed the 'Hametz Law' on 27 March by 48 votes to 43, allowing Israeli hospitals to ban patients from bringing in non-kosher leavened bread products - such as rolls and sandwiches - during the Jewish holiday.

The law was proposed by the Haredi religious Shas Party, part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's hard-right government.

The court challenge comes after a "high-risk" pregnant woman was told by a guard at the Laniado Medical Center on Sunday to leave cookies at the hospital reception as they were not kosher

"I'm a pregnant woman," she told Walla News, "but it's not just pregnant women. Everyone who spends a few hours or more [in the hospital] wants to eat the food they bring with them. It's outrageous. It's the only hospital in Netanya, it's not like there are other options."

Israel has the most far-right government in its history with extremists in charge of key political and security positions.

Far-right politician Itamar Ben-Gvir sparked fear among Palestinians when was given the position of National Security Minister, pushing for the establishment of a National Guard under his authority.

Israeli forces have launched a wave of brutal assaults in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, killing at least 95 Palestinians.

They have also launched near-daily raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan, attacking Palestinian worshippers.