Israel forces East Jerusalem Palestinian family to destroy own barn

Israel forces East Jerusalem Palestinian family to destroy own barn
Israeli authorities ordered the Darwish family of the Isawiya neighbourhood of east Jerusalem to destroy their own family barn under the pretext it was not granted permission to be constructed.
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10 September, 2022
Israeli municipalities often destroy Palestinian properties in east Jerusalem and the West Bank to make way for more illegal settlements in the occupied territories [Getty]

Israeli authorities on Friday forced a Palestinian family to destroy their own animal barn in occupied east Jerusalem, for alleged unpermitted construction.

The Darwish family, who live in the neighbourhood of al-Isawiya were ordered to demolish the barn themselves in order to avoid paying extortionate demolition fees, should the destruction be carried out by Israeli authorities, according to the Palestinian Wafa agency.

Israeli authorities regularly demolish or force Palestinians to demolish their homes or properties in occupied east Jerusalem.

Building permits are rarely given to Palestinians, according to numerous rights groups, leaving Palestinian families with no choice but to build properties at risk of being eventually subjected to demolition.

Meanwhile, Israeli governments and municipalities have built scores of housing units across illegal settlements in east Jerusalem - as well as the occupied West Bank - with the goal to offset the demographic balance in favour for settler populations in the occupied territories.

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There are an approximate 700,000 settlers living in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

It is estimated that one third of Palestinian land has been confiscated to make way for Israeli settlements, which have been built since Israel’s occupation in 1967 - deemed illegal under international law.

Earlier this week, Israeli authorities approved of a plan to build a nearly 500 homes in a new settlement in east Jerusalem, according to The Associated Press.

The planned Givat HaShaked settlement is part of a cluster of settlements on the southern edge of east Jerusalem, which will further separate the city from nearby Bethlehem and the southern West Bank.

Palestinians in occupied east Jerusalem- and the wider West Bank- are regularly faced with discrimination concerning urban planning, making it difficult for them to build or expand on new homes. They also regularly encounter threats, violence and intimidation at the hands of Israeli forces.