Israel establishes ties with tiny Pacific island nation of Niue - population 2,000

Israel establishes ties with tiny Pacific island nation of Niue - population 2,000
Israel is looking to establish ties with more nations, even tiny states such as Niue with a population of 2,000.
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07 August, 2023
The scenic island country of Niue has a population of less than 2,000 [Getty]

A tiny Pacific island country with a population of less than 2,000 is the latest country to establish ties with Israel, following an agreement reached last week.

Israel's ambassador to New Zealand, Ran Yaakoby, visited Niue last Monday where he signed an agreement with the island's premier Dalton Tagelagi. according to The Times of Israel.

The South Pacific island is part of the realm of New Zealand, but has been pursuing its own path recently signing recognition deals with a host of countries, despite it not being a full UN member state.

"We open the doors to a future of shared opportunities in areas such as technology, trade, education and cultural exchange," said Tagelagi, according to local media.

The Israel ambassador to New Zealand, Samoa and the Cook Islands said he was proud to be the first Israeli official to visit the "small but beautiful and friendly island โ€“ state of Niue. From now on, it is official: Israel [hearts] Niue!"

Later, Yaakoby said in a statement that the agreement would see more interaction between the two countries.

"This agreement not only strengthens our ties but also reflects our shared commitment to global peace and security to promote innovation, economic growth, and people-to-people connections for the benefit of both our societies," he said in a statement.

The island is highly dependent on farming and tourism with a GDP per capita of just $5,800.

Israel has made a push for recognition, or boosted ties, with small and developing states, often with a promise of investment or other support. Israel provides aid to the Cook Islands, which is also part of the realm of New Zealand and not a UN member state.

Papua New Guinea recently pledged to move its diplomatic presence in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in a break with international consensus.