Israel embassies 'placed on global alert' over Iran attack fears

Israel embassies 'placed on global alert' over Iran attack fears
A caution has been put out to Israeli embassies following the arrest of an Azerbaijiani-Russian allegedly involved in an effort to kill an Israeli businessman.
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07 October, 2021
Israeli embassies have been put on raised alert [Artur Widak/NurPhoto/Getty]

Israeli embassies worldwide have been put on raised alert over fears of an attack from Iran, according to Israeli TV on Wednesday.

It comes after authorities in Cyprus detained an Azerbaijani-Russian allegedly involved in a purported effort to kill at least one Israeli businessman on the island.

The caution put out to Israel's representatives abroad was reported on by Tel Aviv-based Channel 12, according to The Times of Israel.

Three individuals allegedly thought to have been involved in the scuppered assassination plot are believed to have escaped from Cyprus, Channel 12 reported.

Despite Israel's claims that Tehran was behind the alleged attempted murder of Teddy Sagi, an Israeli billionaire, Philenews, a Cypriot outlet, said on Wednesday local "authorities" apparently don't feel Tehran is involved.

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They reportedly think the billionaire was not the intended victim of the failed attempt by the alleged murderer-for-hire, but that other significant figures from his gambling firm were.

Iran's Cyprus mission has also rejected any suggestion of the Islamic Republic's involvement.

Matan Sidi, a spokesperson for Israeli premier Naftali Bennett previously asserted "Sagi was not the target of the attack".

There have been claims in Israeli media that the incident could have related to a business-related disagreement.

The allegations made against Iran come as part of a broader animosity between the two nations.

On Tuesday, the head of the Israeli military, Aviv Kohav, indicated "[o]perations to destroy Iranian capabilities will continue – in various arenas and at any time."