Israel bombs Damascus military airport, no reported deaths

Israel bombs Damascus military airport, no reported deaths
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07 December, 2016
There has been no official comment on the news of the strikes which caused fires and explosions near the Syrian president's palace.
Israel is to receive a new batch of fighter jets in seven days time [AFP]

Israeli warplanes hit an area near Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's palace early morning, causing multiple fires and explosions at Damascus' military airport.

No deaths or injuries have been reported and neither the Syrian nor the Israeli armed forces have commented on the attack which struck Mezzeh Military Airport around 4am.

It is understood that Israel was targeting Hizballah positions near the airport, in the second such strike in 24 hours.

Israeli planes also hit three military checkpoints in Zabadani, near Damascus on Tuesday, reportedly killing a number of Hizballah troops.

The area surrounding the military airport is highly sensitive from a military view, as it is home to the country's various intelligence centres and a controversial military prison.

Last week, Israeli planes hit two Syrian army convoys to the west of Damascus, as it left the capital for the south of Lebanon.

According to Israeli sources, the convoys contained weapons which were destined for Hizballah in south Lebanon.

This is also not the first time that Israel has targetted Hizballah near Mezzeh airport.

Hizballah commander Mustafa Badreddine was killed on 13 May after Israeli airstrikes hit his bunker in Mezzeh. 

Badreddine had been jailed in Kuwait for his involvement in a string of bombings in the country in 1983, but escaped during the 1990 US invasion of Iraq.