Israel bans Palestinians from entering territories

Israel bans Palestinians from entering territories
Israel has responded to a shooting that left four dead by banning all Palestinians from entering Tel Aviv, the army confirmed on Friday.
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10 June, 2016
Thousands of permits have been revoked since the Wednesday shooting [AFP]
Israel has banned Palestinians from entering the occupied territories on Friday, stepping up ongoing restrictions already in place in retaliation to a shooting that left four dead in Tel Aviv.

Palestinians crossing from the West Bank and Gaza Strip would not be allowed through except for “medical and humanitarian” purposes an army spokeswoman told AFP.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced a series of measures against Palestinians on Thursday in response to Wednesday's shooting in a popular Tel Aviv nightspot.

Entry permits for more than 80,000 Palestinians were revoked as part of the measures while 204 work permits belonging to the relatives of those involved in the shooting were withdrawn.

Israeli authorities also vowed to send hundreds more troops into the occupied West Bank and announced it would not return the bodies of the Palestinians to their families for burials.

Four people were killed and five others injured on Wednesday evening in a shooting attack on an open-air market in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Israeli police confirmed that four people were killed in the attack on the Sarona Market, close to the Israeli defence ministry and the main army headquarters. 

The market and complex of bars and restaurants is located across the street from Israel's defence ministry and main army headquarters.

An upsurge in violence since October has killed 205 Palestinians and 28 Israelis.

Israel blames the attacks on Palestinian incitement while Palestinians lay the blame on frustration stemming from nearly five decades of Israeli military occupation.