Israel asks YouTube to pull 'inciting' Palestinian videos

Israel asks YouTube to pull 'inciting' Palestinian videos
Videos of violent clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians have been erased by YouTube in response to a request by Israel, which claimed the videos 'incited murder'.
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12 October, 2015
Escalating violence between both sides has led to warnings of a possible full-scale Intifada [Getty]
YouTube has taken down Palestinian videos that Israel claimed were "inciting murder" at a time of increasingly deadly unrest.

Social media users have been circulating videos of Palestinians stabbing Israelis or calling for such attacks, as well as footage of Israeli officers shooting dead alleged attackers.

The escalating violence between both sides has led to warnings of the risk of a full-scale uprising, or third intifada.

It was unclear which videos Israel requested be removed or how many.

"Several videos, particularly from Hamas, that are inciting violence, hate and the murder of Israelis and Jews were removed after we made the request with YouTube," foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told AFP.

He added that Israel made the request by letter to the Israeli branch of Google, which owns YouTube.

"These videos describe terrorist attacks, justify their culprits and present Jews and Israelis in a hateful and racist manner," he said.

According to Nahshon, YouTube did not respond directly "but we were able to note that the videos in question were quickly erased".

Israeli officials are to meet Facebook representatives on Tuesday to make a similar request.

The ministry has set up a department to monitor social networks and also called on Israelis to report such videos to YouTube and Facebook.
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