Israel arrests scores of Palestinians over work permits

Israel arrests scores of Palestinians over work permits
Israeli forces arrested dozens of Palestinians attempting to enter Israel without work permits early on Sunday morning, as they simultaneously raided villages detaining youngsters for stone-throwing and protesting.
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04 March, 2018
Palestinian workers queue every morning at dawn to enter Israel for work [Getty]
Israeli forces arrested over 50 Palestinians during a series of dawn raids across the West Bank on Sunday morning, in an apparent crackdown on working permits, it was reported by Arab 48.

At least 40 Palestinian men were arrested by Israeli soldiers and police for allegedly attempting to enter Israel without valid work permits at the border fence south of Jerusalem, the military said.

The army added that those arrested were handed over to Shin Bet for interrogation.

Israel released video footage showing the dawn round-up, with dozens of men handcuffed at the side of the road in the dark.
Ten more Palestinians were arrested during dawn raids on Sunday, suspected of taking part in protests, throwing stones at Israeli forces and assaulting settlers, the Israeli military said in a statement. 

Among those arrested include Arafat Derbas, together with his wife and son Yahya, after Israeli fores raided their home in al-Issawiya, East Jerusalem.

More young men were arrested in Tulkarem, al-Bireh and Hebron, said the military.

It is estimated by Israel that between 50,000 and 60,000 Palestinians work illegally in Israel, mostly in construction, according to The Times of Israel.

Youth unemployment in the occupied Palestinian territories is notoriously high, reaching 42 percent in 2017.

Israeli-imposed restrictions on trade, construction and services, on top of sluggish growth due to conflicts and Israeli usurpation of water, land and natural resources, have created a dearth of viable job opportunities for Palestinians living under occupation. 

The UN has called out Israel on these crippling restriction, accusing it of causing Palestine's "de-development" in September.