Polished PR?: Israeli account mocked for posting 'UAE-Israel pro-normalisation manicure'

Polished PR?: Israeli account mocked for posting 'UAE-Israel pro-normalisation manicure'
A diplomatic Twitter account was mocked for posting an Israeli-Emirati manicure as a show of Arab support for normalisation.
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21 September, 2020
The video was mocked [Twitter]
Israel's "Virtual Embassy in the Gulf" was mocked for posting a video showing an Emirati woman's pro-normalisation nail design - painted Israeli and UAE flags.

The @IsraelInTheGulf Twitter account, which is an official Israeli government-run account that seeks to enhance diplomacy between Israel and the Gulf region, posted the video on Sunday.

"How beautiful is peace, an Emirati citizen beautifying her nails with the flags of Israel and the UAE", the account tweeted.

The original video was first posted by an Abu Dhabi-based account @Nonaaa369, who showed off her red gel manicure with the Israeli flag on her middle finger and the Emirati flag on her index finger.

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The account has previously expressed support the UAE's move to normalise relations with Israel. In one incident, she denounced Israeli violence aganinst Palestinians, such as the infamous killing of Muhammad al-Durra, as a fake Palestinian conspiracy.

“I wonder what Israel has to say about their flag being on her middle finger,” one account mockingly tweeted.

“She put their flag on her middle finger and they still praise her,” another account said

Many others had commented on her outward support of Israel, labelling it as “disgusting” and “shameful”.

‘Betraying Palestinians’

In August, US President Donald Trump announced the UAE had become the third Arab country and first Gulf Arab state to normalise ties with Israel, with Bahrain following suit shortly after.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country is in talks with other Arab and Muslim leaders about normalising relations.

The UAE's decision to normalise ties with Israel has been welcomed by some Arab countries, but despite cheerleading from the US, others have rejected the idea and many approach it with caution.

The Palestinians have condemned the deal as a stab in the back by a major Arab player while they still lack a state of their own.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was on a Middle East visit last month, expressed optimism that more Arab nations would also sign up.

Recent reports suggest Sudan is also discussing the prospects of a move to normalise relations with Israel.

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