Islamic State group 'behead Santa' in bizarre anti-Christmas graphic

Islamic State group 'behead Santa' in bizarre anti-Christmas graphic
The Islamic State group released a poster of a masked militant beheading Father Christmas, along with other bizarre graphics.
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24 December, 2021
Islamic State 'beheaded Santa' in a graphic [Getty]

The Islamic State group has released a poster depicting a militant beheading Santa Claus in an attempt to strike fear as the Christmas holidays near.

The text on the poster encouraged their followers to launch attacks: 

"We send a message to our monotheist brothers in Europe, America, Australia, Canada, Russia, and other countries of unbelief and apostasy. We say to you, our brothers, oh monotheists, avenge your brothers and sisters who have been killed and captured by these scumbags", the poster read.

“Attack the citizens of crusader coalition countries with your knives, run them over in the streets, detonate bombs on them, and spray them with bullets.”

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The extremist group released a number graphics ahead of the Christian religious celebration, including one showing helmets of US soldiers stacked up in the shape of a Christmas tree. On top of the tree was a blood stained Santa hat. 

Another graphic depicted the United States Central Command's chief being roasted in a Santa outfit, with text saying: "bring the red wine, we will roast General Mackenzie".

The latest graphics are not the first time that the extremist group, which once held large areas of territory in Syria and Iraq, has targeted Santa Claus.

In 2016, as it held control over the Iraqi city of Mosul, reports emerged that the group was distributing leaflets warning of the "evils" of the fictional character.