Islamic State confirms death of propaganda chief

Islamic State confirms death of propaganda chief
IS announced al-Fayed's death online, nearly a month after the United States military confirmed his death in an airstrike near Raqqa.
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11 October, 2016
The US reported the death of al-Fayed in an airstrike in Syria in September [Getty]
Islamic State published a statement on Monday evening, confirming the death of Wa'il Adil Hasan al-Fayed, minister of information and one of the group's "most senior leaders".

The United States military reported the death of al-Fayed, alias Abu Mohammad al-Furqan in an airstrike in Syria on September 7.

"Wa'il oversaw IS's production of terrorist propaganda videos showing torture and executions," Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said.

It is believed that al-Fayed was responsible for 'al-Furqan Media', which produced some of the group's most violent and disturbing videos.

Online activist group, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, reported that al-Fayed was also responsible for recruiting hundreds of new members through his videos.

Translation: IS announce the death of Abu Mohammad al-Furqan - minister of information, in what was called central intelligence.

A US military statement from September 7 confirmed that coalition military forces destroyed an IS tactical unit and an oil tanker trailer, an oil workover rig, and a vehicle in two seperate strikes near the Syrian city of Raqqa.