Israel recalls ambassadors as Ireland, Spain, Norway pledge to recognise Palestinian state

Israel recalls ambassadors as Ireland, Spain, Norway pledge to recognise Palestinian state
Ireland, Spain and Norway have officially recognised Palestine as a state, while Israel recalled its envoys following the decision.
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22 May, 2024
A number of countries announced they have officially recognised Palestine as a state [Getty]

Ireland, Spain and a number of other European countries will officially recognise Palestine as a state in a move announced on Wednesday.

Spain’s Prime Minister said the decision was based on peace, justice and democracy and was essential for the peace process.

Ireland’s Prime Minister highlighted the "appalling" conditions in Gaza as well as the starvation and humanitarian catastrophe.

Norway’s Prime Minister and foreign minister also announced their country would recognise Palestine as a state from 28 May, with the territorial demarcation between Palestine and Israel to be based on the borders from before 4 June 1967.

In a written statement, Norway’s prime minister said Palestinians have a "fundamental, independent right to self-determination" and Israelis and Palestinians have a “right to live in peace in their respective states".

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Following the announcement, Israel said it is recalling its envoys to Ireland and Norway for "urgent consultations".

"I am sending Ireland and Norway a clear message: Israel will not back down against those who undermine its sovereignty and endanger its security," Israel’s foreign minister said.

Israel’s foreign ministry on Tuesday warned against the move, saying in a social media post it would lead to "more terrorism, instability in the region and jeopardise any prospects for peace".

"Don’t be a pawn in the hands of Hamas," the Israeli ministry added.

European Union members Slovenia and Malta have also indicated in recent weeks that they plan to make the recognition also, arguing it is essential for lasting peace in the region.

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According to the UN, at least 140 countries have recognised a Palestinian state. The UK and US are among nations that do not formally recognise a Palestinian state.

The countries’ decision to recognise Palestine as a state comes as Israel’s brutal war on Gaza has killed over 35,200 Palestinians and wounded at least 79,000 others.

The war has levelled entire neighbourhoods and devastated the enclave’s infrastructure.

Israel's atrocities have been labelled as "war crimes" and "genocide" by several world leaders, UN agencies and NGOs.