Iraqi Airways flight makes emergency landing in Kuwait

Iraqi Airways flight makes emergency landing in Kuwait
More than 200 passengers were forced to make an unexpected stop-over in Kuwait on Sunday when an engine failure forced an Iraqi Airways flight to emergency land.
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01 August, 2016
The flight left Baghdad for New Delhi when an engine failed [Getty]

An Iraqi Airways plane carrying 230 passengers made an emergency landing in Kuwait on Sunday due to an engine failure, the company confirmed.

The Boeing 767 flight heading towards New Delhi lost one of its two engines as it flew towards Asia, Iraqi Airways said in a statement, adding that the plane landed unharmed.

It assured passengers would be able to continue their trip with the arrival of an Airbus A321 from Baghdad.

This comes as more than 400 leaked documents published by The Guardian revealed Flydubai crew members, including pilots, had complained of being pushed to the limit amid safety concerns.

A tragic aviation incident in March that killed 55 passengers and seven crew members on-board a Flydubai flight was blamed on pilot error and possible fatigue.

The UAE-based airline vowed to compensate families of the victims with $20,000, as specified by its conditions.

The plane was making a second attempt to land in poor weather conditions when it missed the Russian Rostov-on-Don runway and erupted into a fireball.

The passengers were all Russian nationals, including four children, local news channel, Life News reported, describing the crew as unspecified "foreigners".

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