Iraq deploys security reinforcements amid election results protests

Iraq deploys security reinforcements amid election results protests
Security reinforcements were deployed across the country as armed factions claimed election results were manipulated.
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17 October, 2021
Following the Iraqi election results protests have erupted across the country [Getty]

The Iraqi army deployed security reinforcements across the country on Saturday evening ahead of planned mass protests following the election results, which various political parties and factions have rejected.

The reinforcements were deployed in Baghdad and other Iraqi governorates after Iran-allied forces, including the Shia Coordination Framework and a group of armed factions, announced their rejection of the "manipulated" results and armed factions threatened to take to the streets, according to The New Arab's Arabic language site Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

The results, which saw the Sadrist movement win, have prompted protests across several Iraqi cities, where dozens of supporters of the losing factions rejected the results, burning tires and closing various roads.

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"The plan requires the continuation of tightening security measures until further notice," a senior security official told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, highlighting that the Green Zone and areas witnessing influence of armed factions would be paid particular attention to.

"The results of the elections were manipulated by foreign hands," a statement from the Iran-allied Iraqi Resistance Coordination Committee read. 

On Saturday, the Iraqi Electoral Commission announced the final results of the elections, which saw political forces and wings of armed factions allied to Iran, such as the Al-Fateh Alliance, record a painful loss.

Iraq's government has reiterated on several occasions this week that the election was fair and professional after political groups accused officials of mishandling votes.