Iraq demands international experts to aid Baghdad bombings investigation

Iraq demands international experts to aid Baghdad bombings investigation
Iraqi officials have called on international organisations to intervene in the investigation into the deadly bombings that rocked the capital's Karrada district last Sunday.
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09 July, 2016
More than 250 people were killed when explosions ripped through a shopping district [Getty]

Iraqi officials called for an international investigation into the deadly bombing that killed more than 250 Iraqis at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi urged international intervention in the investigation to uncover the circumstances behind the bombing in the capital's Karrada district on Sunday, stressing the need for experts from the United Nations as well as other international organisations at a time when Iraq suffers from political and security issues.

The calls were echoed by MP Zainab Aref al-Basry who requested "the United Nations to join the Iraqi government in the investigations of al-Karrada bombing to reveal the identity of the persons who delivered the banned explosive materials to the Islamic State."

Officials warned of similar repeat bombings should intelligence efforts not increase, urging a review of security measures to protect the capital where the blast took place.

"How can a small car bomb cause such a massive blast, killing nearly 500 Iraqis?" member of the Iraqi alliance forces, Mohammed al-Mashhadani questioned in an interview with The New Arab, noting it was the deadliest blast to rock the country since the 2003 war.  

UN Secretary General, Ban-ki Moon condemned the June 3 attack, describing it as an “avenge by the terrorists of Da'esh who have suffered defeats at the battlefront."

"This is a cowardly and heinous act of unparalleled proportions, to target peaceful civilians in the closing days of the holy month of Ramadan including shoppers preparing for the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday. This shows Daesh's wanton intentions to kill, maim and demoralize," said Ján Kubiš, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq and head of the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq