Iranian Hulk 'ashamed' after brutal knock-out in boxing debut

Iranian Hulk 'ashamed' after brutal knock-out in boxing debut
Sajad Gharibi, commonly known as The Iranian Hulk, apologised to the Iranian people after being brutally defeated in his debut boxing match against the Kazakh Titan.
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02 August, 2022
The Iranian Hulk suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of his opponent, the Kazakh Titan [Getty]

The Iranian Hulk said he was ‘ashamed’ after suffering a brutal defeat in his boxing match debut against the Kazakh Titan, talkSPORT reported.

The boxing hopeful and social media star – whose real name is Sajad Gharibi – received a heavy beating after he tried to take on Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, popularly known as the Kazakh Titan, at a match in Dubai on Sunday.

Bakhytovich dominated the match, which saw Gharibi - who boasts 1 million followers on Instagram - continuously turn away from his opponent and cling to the ropes, before the contest was brought to a halt.

“I have nothing to say but I am ashamed and I apologise to the Iranian people,” Gharibi said after his match with the Kazakh Titan, according to talkSPORT.

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The Iranian Hulk’s coach also stated that he didn’t think Gharibi was ready for the match, but that it had to go on unless a “big fine” was paid for cancelling it, talkSPORT reported.

The Hulk was mocked online, with some boxing fans saying somebody should pay him “to never step foot inside a boxing ring again” and others calling him "embarrassing" or saying they thought this was “the first time the Iranian Hulk put on boxing gloves in his life”.



The defeat came after British fitness professional Martyn Ford - known as the UK’s 'scariest man' - pulled out of a fight with the Hulk after a face-off between the two saw Ford easily push Gharibi to the ground.

Following the match, Gharibi reportedly mentioned suicide.

Ford then said he was concerned about the social media star's mental wellbeing and cancelled the fight, he told The Mirror.

The New Arab has contacted Gharibi for comment.