Iran seeks Saudi cooperation to 'resovle' regional crisis

Iran seeks Saudi cooperation to 'resovle' regional crisis
Iran's foreign minister said on Monday his country and regional rival Saudi Arabia must cooperate to resolve regional crisis.
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06 December, 2016
Bahram Ghasemi said Iran and Saudi Arabia can cooperate to resolve regional crises [AFP]
The Islamic Republic and its regional rival Saudi Arabia can and should cooperate to resolve regional crises, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday.

Bahram Ghasemi told reporters in his weekly briefing that a recent OPEC agreement to cut oil production and the Lebanese presidential election were both recent examples of Iran-Saudi cooperation.

Despite initial reluctance, Tehran signed on to an OPEC agreement to cut oil production to drive up slumping petroleum prices.

In November, the Lebanese parliament elected President Michel Aoun, an Iran ally, after a 29-month vacuum in the country's top post.

He designated Saad Hariri, a close ally of Saudi Arabia, as prime minister.

Iran and Saudi have no diplomatic relations and support opposite sides in wars in Syria and Yemen.

Relations between both states became increasingly hostile in recent decades as both vie for dominance in the Middle East and the wider Islamic world.

The conflict is being increasingly cast in a sectarian hue with Saudi and Iranian officials positioning themselves as leaders of the Sunni and Shia worlds respectively.