Iran says it has drones capable of destroying submarines, as tensions US with build up

Iran says it has drones capable of destroying submarines, as tensions US with build up
Iran has a strong domestic weapons industry, producing arms designed by local technicians.
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21 April, 2023
The Iranian navy has confronted US forces in the Gulf [Getty]

Iran has developed a drone capable of striking submarines, a commander has said, as tensions with the US in the Gulf heat up.

Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, the commander of the Iranian Navy, said his forces have developed drones equipped with sonar technology, capable of detecting and destroying submarines.

It comes as the US deployed a nuclear-powered submarine to the Gulf to bolster the Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet.

"The regular navy has entered the arena of detection of both surface and sub-surface vessels and destroying them using drones. This achievement is already being exploited inside the navy," Irani told Iranian state news.

"Their [the US] presence is really too much and it would be better for them to return home."

Earlier this week, Irani said the Iranian navy had forced a US submarine to the surface as it entered the Gulf.

"The US submarine was approaching while submerged, but the Iranian submarine Fateh detected it and carried out... manoeuvres to force it to surface as it went through the Strait (of Hormuz). It had also entered into our territorial waters but ... it corrected its course after being warned," he told state TV.

"This submarine was doing its best, using all its capacities, to pass in total silence and without being detected.

"We will certainly reflect to international bodies the fact that it had violated our border."

The US and Iranian navies have been involved in a number of confrontations in the Gulf over the years.

Iran has claimed to have seized US drones and also intercepted and held Western ships and crew.

Iran has also developed its own domestic arms industry, with homemade weapons designed and developed by local scientists.

This includes drones, which Russia has been looking to purchase following the success of Turkish-made UAVs by Ukraine on the battlefield.