Brave Iranian protesters condemn Ukraine invasion chanting 'Death to Putin'

Brave Iranian protesters condemn Ukraine invasion chanting 'Death to Putin'
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28 February, 2022
Police in Iran are seen breaking up crowds of pro-Ukrainian demonstrations in videos shared on social media Saturday.
Protesters gathered outside the Ukrainian embassy in Tehran to protest the Russian invasion [source: Getty]

Brave Iranian protesters held a vigil outside the Ukrainian embassy in Tehran over the weekend. 

The protesters condemned Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine and chanted "Death to Putin", with police breaking up the crowds shortly after the demonstration broke out on Saturday, according to Iran International. 

Security outside the embassy was stepped up as rumours of a protest circulated on social media, according to the Persian language TV station. 

Dozens of people were seen in a film chanting, singing, and standing behind a Ukrainian flag. 

When police intervened, a woman was seen telling them "we hate you" according to media reports. Iranian police and militias are notorious for their ruthless crackdown on dissenters. 

Russia is an ally of Iran in the Syria war and has largely blamed the West for the Ukraine invasion.

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It has so far framed Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a reaction to "NATO's provocations", while also stressing that war is not a solution and calling for a ceasefire. 

In a phone call with Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi called NATO’s "continue expansion" eastwards "a serious threat".

This line has been criticised roundly by analysts and activists, including some Iranian journalists and commentators. 

Sadegh Zibakalam tweeted Saturday that "many Iranians are with the Ukrainian people and condemn this aggression". 

Russia invaded Ukraine last Thursday. Its military has since launched a devastating offensive on several towns and cities using bombs and missiles, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. 

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