Iran 'moving towards third wave of Covid-19' says official

Iran 'moving towards third wave of Covid-19' says official
After a brief decline last month, coronavirus infections and deaths are now surging in Tehran, with the rest of the country likely to follow
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16 September, 2020
Iran sent students back to school in September after seven months of closure [Getty]
A senior Iranian health official warned on Tuesday that the country is facing yet another "resurgence" of Covid-19 cases that could lead to a third wave of the virus.

Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi claimed that travel inside the country, as well as people's "disobedience" in following the health regulations, had caused a surge in coronavirus infections.

Iran has since February been attempting to contain the outbreak, thought to be the deadliest in the Middle East, but both deaths and infections have been on the rise since a brief dip in late August and early September. 

The country's total cases are currently at 407,000 while the death toll stands at 23,453.

Meanwhile on Monday, Tehran's anti-coronavirus coordinator, Alireza Zali, said that "forecasts show us moving toward the third wave of the coronavirus".

"It seems the wave will take shape in Tehran much earlier than other provinces," Zali added.

Despite opposition among Iranians, children returned to school in early September after nearly seven months of closure.

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Iran also held large-scale ceremonies in late August to mark the religious festival of Ashura.

Although indoor ceremonies were banned, large groups gathered in parks and on the street.

Iran has made masks compulsory in enclosed public spaces and has repeatedly called on Iranians to not to travel in order to slow the virus spread.

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