Iran 'moving towards sixth wave' as lockdown measures ease

Iran 'moving towards sixth wave' as lockdown measures ease
A surge in coronavirus cases is feared in Iran as government employees are being instructed to return to offices and schools end distance learning.
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26 October, 2021
Coronavirus cases in Iran continue to rise [Getty]

Iran is nearing a total of six million Covid-19 cases amid fears of a sixth wave as the country goes ahead with easing lockdown measures.

The Middle Eastern country on Monday reported 7,516 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases recorded since the start of the pandemic to 5,868,360.

An official briefing published on the Iranian Health Ministry's official website showed that the pandemic has caused 125,363 deaths in the country so far after 140 new deaths were announced in the past 24 hours.

4,256 people remain in intensive care units, the ministry added, while most of those infected with Covid-19 have recovered.

Over 50 million Iranians have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, while just over 30 million of these have received both jabs. The country's total population is 84 million.

The news statistics come as Iranian ministries plan on opening up parts of the country.

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The Ministry of Education decided to put an end to all distance learning by 21 November.

Last week, it was announced in Tehran and other big cities that state employees could no longer work remotely and had to go back to their offices, according to IranWire.

Friday prayers have also resumed in a number of provinces, including Tehran, after a 20-month hiatus, despite winter approaching and a surge in flu and coronavirus cases.

“Measures have been taken to reduce the dangers that might result from re-openings. For instance, only those who have been vaccinated are allowed to enter certain places, or go to work in person. Also, the reopening of the schools is being done in phases", Hamid Soori, chair of the National Coronavirus Taskforce’s Epidemiology Committee told IranWire.

“But there must be an assessment of what dangers could follow what actions, and decisions must be made based on this. Certain measures that were taken in the past need to be revised, including remote working, which has inflicted serious and irreparable damage to the economy and social relations”, he added.