Iran launches wave of arrests against environmentalists

Iran launches wave of arrests against environmentalists
Environmentalists and wildlife campaigners are the latest target of the Iranian government, with three more activists arrested.
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25 February, 2018
Iran has clamped down on activism [file photo-Getty]

A clampdown of wildlife campaigners in Iran has seen three more environmentalists detained by Tehran authorities, a conservative website has reported.

The three activists were arrested at Bandar Lengheh in the southern Hormuzgan province on the Gulf coast.

"Members of the Association for the Protection of Nature in Lavardin were arrested by a security agency. The allegations against them are unknown," Tabnak website reported.

Eight members of the Persian Heritage Wildlife Association - Iran's most prominent nature NGO - were detained in January on espionage charges.

Its founder Kavous Seyed Emami, 63, died in prison around two weeks later in dubious circumstances.

Iran said he hanged himself in his cell, but the family have questioned the verdict and were then threatened by officials for challenging the official ruling.

The deputy head of the government's Environment Protection Organisation, renowned water campaigner Kaveh Madani, was also detained briefly this month.