Iran begins production of homemade anti-aircraft missile

Iran begins production of homemade anti-aircraft missile
A new Iranian missile that can be used against planes and drones will roll off the production lines, as Tehran unveils a production plant for the Sayyad 3 missile.
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23 July, 2017
The earlier Sayyad-2 model, which was recently revamped by Iran [AFP]
Iran began production of a new missile capable of hitting enemy aircraft and drones at high-altitudes, as Tehran continues to boost its home-grown weapons industry.

The Sayyad 3 missile is able to reach a height of 27km and capable of shooting down aircraft, helicopters, drones and cruise missiles.

Iran insists its development and production of weapons and focus on its weapons industry is necessary for the defence of the country from hostile neighbours and world powers.

"We recently witnessed an immense purchase that some countries in the region paid as a ransom to America and they intend to bring weapons into the region, and this purchase was done with the goal of threatening Islamic Iran," Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan said at a ceremony unveiling the plant.

"The Sayyad 3 missiles are among the world's most sophisticated air defence systems, capable of hitting high-altitude, long-range targets.

"The Sayyad 3 missile has been designed based on the world's latest technologies," Dehghan added.

"The missile can engage different types of threats, such as radar evasive fighter planes, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles, helicopters, as well as various types of modern aircraft of high maneuvering capabilities and speed... within the sphere of its operation."

The missile will add to Iran's already formidable air defences with the Russian-designed S-300 system already in its arsenal.

It comes as Israel remains ready to strike Iran's nuclear facilities and arch regional rival Saudi Arabia agreed a huge arms deal with the US.

Meanwhile, the US has adopted more combative language towards Iran under President Donald Trump.

Iran developed its own arms industry after decades of sanctions were imposed on the country with the Tehran regime looking to make itself self-sufficient in defence.

Iran fought and long and bloody war with neighbour Iraq in the 1980s, when Tehran struggled to find arms suppliers due in part to its pariah status.