Iran begins goods export to Saudi Arabia weeks after reconciliation deal

Iran begins goods export to Saudi Arabia weeks after reconciliation deal
Iran's industry and trade minister said that Tehran had begun exporting goods to Saudi Arabia, weeks after the two countries signed a landmark normalisation deal.
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26 April, 2023
Reza Fatemi Amin announced the resumption of exports after the resumption of relations with Saudi Arabia [Getty]

Iran has begun the process of exporting goods to Saudi Arabia, the Iranian industry and trade minister has said, after the two countries signed a landmark agreement last month to restore relations.

"With the beginning of trade between Iran and Saudi Arabia, our colleagues at the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade have commenced the process of exports, " Reza Fatemi Amin told the Iranian state-linked Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

The resumption of exports follows a Chinese-brokered normalisation deal Iran and Saudi Arabia signed on 10 March, with the two countries agreeing to restore formal diplomatic relations and reactivate security cooperation after a seven-year split.

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The two sides agreed to re-open embassies and re-implement their 1998 agreement over cooperation in a diverse array of fields including technology, science, culture, and sports. 

They also agreed to respect each other's sovereignty and upholod the principle of "non-interference in internal affairs". 

The deal - and China's involvement - came as a surprise to the world and marked a major geopolitical shift. It has been China’s most substantial and successful diplomatic engagement in the region to date.

Iran and Saudi Arabia had been discussing reconciliation for years prior, through a series of talks mediated by Iraq.

Riyadh and Tehran cut ties in 2016, following the execution of prominent Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia.