Bahrain arrests alleged militants behind 'Iranian-supported' Saudi Aramco pipeline attack

Bahrain arrests alleged militants behind 'Iranian-supported' Saudi Aramco pipeline attack
Bahrain has accused four suspects of being trained by Iran's Revolutionary Guard to carry out an alleged bomb attack on the island's oil pipeline with Saudi Arabia last November.
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07 February, 2018
A pipeline between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain was targeted [AFP-Getty]

Bahrain detained four men Wednesday it alleged received Iranian training and support to carry out a remote attack on one of the island state's main oil pipelines.

Four Bahraini suspects were arrested and charged Wednesday with bombing an oil pipeline between Bahrain and neighouring Saudi Arabia last November.

Manama alleges that the suspects were trained in Iran by Tehran's elite Revolutionary Guard unit and provided with the materials needed to launch a bomb attack on the Saudi Aramco infrastructure.

"The terrorists in Bahrain were recruited and their expenses for travelling to Iran were provided under the guise of donations for visiting religious places. They were trained in making and using bombs," Bahrain's interior ministry said, Gulf News reported.

"They also attended special security courses in which they were assigned to carry out attacks to harm the kingdom's economy and its oil industry 
accusing Iran of training and arming two of the suspects."

Bahrain said they are still looking for three more men suspected of involvement in the blast, who are believed by Manama to be hiding in Iran.

It has accused the suspects of belonging to the "February 14 Coalition", which refers to the date an anti-government protest movement emerged on the island in 2011.

Although smaller protests and clashes with police have continued, the main swell of opposition was suppressed following a brutal crackdown - led by Saudi and UAE security force. 

The vast majority of Bahrainis involved in the anti-government movement were part of the island's Shia majority, which have long complained of discrimination at the hands of the ruling Sunni royal family.

Bahrain has accused Iran and its proxies of being behind attacks on security forces and infrastructure on the island.

Iran has denied any involvement in Novermber's pipeline blast.

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