International manhunt launched following shocking murder of Omani family

International manhunt launched following shocking murder of Omani family
The shocking murder of an entire family in Oman has rocked the sultanate.
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05 August, 2019
Omani police have launched a manhunt for the suspects [Getty]
An international manhunt has been launched after an Omani family were found dead in their home last week, after being brutally murdered with knives and hammers.

The murder of five-members of the family, which shocked Oman, has seen police extend their hunt overseas with evidence collected on the "Asian suspects".

The victims included the father, mother and their three sons, aged between 12 and six, according to Times of Oman, which took place in a village in the Bidaya, in the east of the Sultanate.

The father was named as Hamoud al-Balushi, who worked at a local court, although other members of the family were not reported. The mother taught other women in the area the Quran, Gulf News said. They were buried on Friday.

The bodies were only discovered two days after their brutal murder, giving the suspects time to flee abroad.

"Searches and investigations through international channels are underway to track those who were involved in the crime. Due to the delay in reporting the crime the accused managed to escape the country," the Royal Oman Police said in a statement.

Zuhair Nasser al-Balushi, the brother of Hamoud, said they have confidence in the Omani police but want the suspects brought to justice.

"We will not settle; we are demanding the full extent of punishment," he told Times of Oman.

"We tried to call him on the first day but there was no answer, and on the day, his wife's family broke into the house and found the dead bodies."

The horrific killings have shocked Oman, where murders are relatively rare.