Infant dies in refugee camp along Syria-Jordanian border

Infant dies in refugee camp along Syria-Jordanian border
An infant died in a Syrian refugee camp along the Jordanian-Syrian border, where he was unable to access healthcare.
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08 October, 2018
Al-Rikban is in "no man's land" between Jordan and Syria [Getty]
A four-month old baby died on Monday after being unable to access healthcare in al-Rukban camp on the Jordanian-Syrian border. 

"The baby Huda Raslan, four months old, died in the camp after her health deteriorated due to lack of milk and a limited presence of medical staff inside the camp," a source from the camp told The New Arab

He added that the only medical facility in the area was located on the outskirts of the camp, along the border fence between Syria and Jordan. Raslan's family could not gain access to the facility for treatment despite repeated attempts during the last week, the source added.

The civil administration of the camp sent a distress call for basic supplies on Monday, a week after the Syrian regime blocked food supplies from entering the camp - most importantly flour and infant formula.   

Raslan's death followed that of an elderly woman who died after being unable to access care over the weekend, while a 14-year old boy died a week ago. 

Around 65,000 Syrian refugees live in al-Rukban camp, enduring difficult conditions.  The crisis continues as Russia continues to pressure the US to withdraw from the Tanf area east of Syria and close down the camp. 

Local sources said a meeting took place last week between representatives of the camp and regime forces to discuss possible ways of resolving the crisis, including allowing opposition activists and fighters to north Syria. 

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