Imran Khan faces Twitter backlash after 'disrespecting' Saudi Arabia's King Salman

Imran Khan faces Twitter backlash after 'disrespecting' Saudi Arabia's King Salman
In a video uploaded to social media, the Pakistani Prime Minister appeared to address Saudi King Salman's translator before abruptly walking off, ignoring the king.
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03 June, 2019
Imran Khan has been accused of being 'disrespectful' to the Saudi king [Getty]
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been facing a social media backlash for a "disrespectful" encounter with Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Saturday night.

In video uploaded to Twitter, the Pakistani leader could be seen walking across a red carpet to meet the Saudi monarch in the run-up to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Mecca.

However, when he was face to face with King Salman, Khan spoke directly to the king's translator rather than the king himself, pointing and gesticulating before abruptly walking away without giving Salman a chance to respond.

Social media users reacted with derision and fury, calling Khan's performance "beyond insulting" and suggesting that future prime ministers be taught "diplomatic manners".

Twitter users' comments that Salman cancelled a meeting with Khan in response seemed without basis, however, as Khan met with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman before addressing the summit.

In his address, Khan urged Muslims to do more to combat Islamophobia and blasphemy and to explain to the West why they feel pain when the Prophet Muhammad is insulted.

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