Husband of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram kills Syrian 'intruder' but victim's family dispute account

Husband of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram kills Syrian 'intruder' but victim's family dispute account
The family of Mohammad Al-Mousa have claimed he was a domestic worker for the Lebanese pop diva and that the he was killed as he came to collect his wages.
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08 January, 2020
The arrest warrant for Dr Fadi El Hachem was lifted on Tuesday [Getty]
In a case that has provoked a major stir in the Middle East, the husband of Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram shot dead an apparent intruder over the weekend, claiming it was in self-defence.

Dramatic CCTV footage shows what appears to be an armed masked man roaming at night in Ajram's house, before an armed standoff ensues with guards at the property. Seconds later, Ajram's husband Fadi El-Hachem chases the alleged intruder into another room off camera carrying a gun, which he is seen firing.

In statements to the media, Hachem said he had to take action as the intruder was holed up in his children's bedroom.

But the family of Syrian national Mohammed al-Mousa, the alleged burglar, on Tuesday claimed he was a domestic worker employed by the couple.

According to his uncle, Mousa had come to luxury villa to collect his unpaid wages, having worked for the couple as a gardener.

Speaking to Alhurra, his uncle claimed that the gun found on Mousa was a toy replica.

Shaam News Network have released a voice recording made by Mousa’s mother, in which she tearfully relays her grief:

“They killed my child…my heart burns for him”

“The video is fabricated. My son had gone to claim what was rightfully his. He worked in their garden on Fridays and Saturdays. Why did the cameras in their daughter’s bedroom suddenly stop the night they killed him?” 

According to initial media reports, the armed black-clad intruder made his way past the property's three guards and, when inside made his way the bedroom of Ajram and El-Hachem's young daughter.

As negotiations between their father and the alleged intruder failed to deter the latter, a brief exhange of gunfire between the two ensued.

Mousa's uncle claimed the CCTV footage of the incident released by the celebrity couple was edited to omit those parts that could jeopardise the couple's account.

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Mousa was killed on site, while Ajram suffered injuries

El-Hachem was arrested briefly then released on Wednesday morning pending investigations.

Nihad El Hachem, his uncle, has risen to his defence, refuting the account offered by the family of the slain Syrian national: 

“It is all a lie and I find it completely unacceptable - it was the first time Ajram and El-Hachem had ever seen the man"

Ajram has since offered her condolences to Moussa's family on Lebanese national TV.

“Neither I, Fadi nor my family wanted any of this to happen. I want to offer condolences to [Al-Mousa’s] mother, his wife and all his family. None of us wanted this to happen but it did.”

“My husband received direct threats. Anyone in Fadi’s position would have done what he did.”

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