Hungarian TV reporter fired for tripping up migrants

Hungarian TV reporter fired for tripping up migrants
A camerawoman in Hungary was fired on Tuesday after videos of her kicking and tripping up migrants including a man carrying a child, spread on the internet.
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09 September, 2015
Hungarian cameraperson kicks a young refugee near Roeszke refugee camp [AFP/Getty]
A Hungarian TV cameraperson was caught twice on video treating refugees inhumanely by tripping a refugee who was carrying a child and kicking others, including a young girl who broke through a police line near Roeszke refugee camp on Hungary's border with Serbia.

Petra Laszlo was filming the refugees as they ran towards her trying to escape the police when she kicked two refugees including a young girl.

In another video she seemed to deliberately trip a Syrian refugee carrying a child while he was trying to escape from the clutches of a policeman as dozens of refugees broke through police lines.

Video published on Twitter by Stephan Richter (@RichterSteph)
Video published on Twitter by syndicalist, taken from Miguel de Cervantes' account on

Hungarian TV station N1TV, which is affiliated with the anti-immigration far-Right Jobbik party, issued a statement on Tuesday saying that they had sacked the camerawoman and "the case was considered closed on our part."

The Hungarian authorities have been treating refugees with strict measures, while some civilian volunteers offered them some amenities and provided them with information they needed to continue on their journey to their desired destinations. However, refugees have spoken of being treated badly in Hungary in general.

Frustrated refugees had been left stranded at night at the Serbian border as they waited for very infrequent buses to arrive and take them to registration centres.

Social media responses to the videos that were posted on Twitter have been angry and others offered to volunteer to help the refugees. Another video showed tents of refugees being blown away at Roeszke refugee camp as the refugees waited for their busses. The video that was posted by the popular Hungarian Internet portal,, was edited to the music of the Blue Danube Waltz, seemingly to make light of the plight of the refugees.

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