'Hundreds of women' murdered by IS in Iraq

'Hundreds of women' murdered by IS in Iraq
At least 837 women have been murdered by IS militants in Iraq since the extremist group's takeover of the Mosul region last year.
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27 December, 2015
Thousands of Yazidi women have fled capture by IS militants over the past year [Anadolu]
Around 837 Iraqi women have been executed by the Islamic State group, an Iraqi police official has said.

Nineveh police chief Zanuon al-Sabawi told a press conference that most of those murdered appear to be have been involved in politics or working for the public sector.

IS reportedly executed 300 election officials in Iraqi territories it captured following its June 2014 offensive. At least 50 the victims are thought to be women. 

Victims of IS atrocities are generally sentenced by a Shariah court on charges of "disloyalty to the caliphate, espionage or immoral behaviour", Kurdish news site Rudaw reported.

The militant group's atrocities against women are well documented. Members of Iraq's Yazidi religious and ethnic minority have been particular targets of the extremists and have been forced into sex slavery by Islamic State group militants.