Hundreds of Pakistanis and Indians stranded at Dubai Airport over visa requirements

Hundreds of Pakistanis and Indians stranded at Dubai Airport over visa requirements
Hundreds of Pakistanis and Indians have been stranded at Dubai Airport since Tuesday after failing to meet stringent UAE visa requirements.
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16 October, 2020
The Pakistanis and Indians were prevented from leaving Dubai Airport [Getty]

Hundreds of Pakistani and Indian citizens were prevented from entering Dubai and stranded after failing to meet stringent visitors’ visa requirements, UAE-based media have reported.

545 Pakistanis and 150 to 200 Indians were stranded at Dubai International Airport after failing to meet requirements including proof of funds, possession of return tickets, and hotel bookings or relative contacts, according to The National.

They had arrived in Dubai on Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates, Air Blue, and Flydubai planes.

Some of the passengers had been stranded since Tuesday. At least 169 have been sent back.

“Our team has been at the airport to help people round the clock. We provided food also to the stranded passengers. We are working with the airlines to send them back in batches. As of now 169 passengers have been sent back,” Pakistan’s Consul-General in Dubai, Ahmed Amjad Ali, told Gulf News.

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50 stranded Indian nationals were later granted entry to Dubai, after showing they could meet entry requirements, according to The National.

Visitors to Dubai must show that they have at least 2,000 UAE dirhams (US$544) to finance their stay.

“We appeal to visit visa holders to strictly adhere to the rules. People coming for genuine tourism purpose should follow these requirements. Those coming for other purposes should come only on proper visa,” Neeraj Agrawal, the press officer at India’s Consulate-General in Dubai told The National.

Migrants from South Asia make up approximately 60% of the population of the UAE, while Emirati nationals are only 11.5%. Human rights groups have previously expressed concerns about the treatment of South Asian workers and abuses against them.

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