Hundreds of Indonesians protest US support for Israel

Hundreds of Indonesians protest US support for Israel
The demonstration, which condemned annual US support for Israel, took place outside the American embassy and UN mission in Jakarta.
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Indonesians called for an end to US support for Israel, which includes over $3 billion annually [Getty Images]

Several hundred Indonesians Friday protested American support for Israel outside the US Embassy and the UN mission in Jakarta.

Carrying giant Palestinian and Indonesian flags and signs that read “Indonesian worker solidarity for free Palestine,” the demonstrators marched from several mosques to a major street outside the embassy. The rally was organized by the Indonesian Muslim Workers Movement and several other groups.

Authorities with loudspeakers warned the protesters to maintain social distancing. More than 2,300 police, many wearing hazmat suits, were deployed to secure the embassy, the nearby presidential palace and the United Nations mission.

The US provides Israel with over $3 billion in grants every year. 

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation, does not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel and has long been a strong supporter of Palestinians. President Joko Widodo has condemned the recent Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

A ceasefire took effect last week.

Between 10 to 21 May, Israeli airstrikes and artillery fire killed 254 Palestinians, including 66 children and some fighters, authorities in Gaza say.

Rocket and mortar fire from Gaza killed 12 people in Israel