Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo apologises for Israel 'genocide' comments

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo apologises for Israel 'genocide' comments
Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo distanced himself from 'posts during the recent Israel/Hamas fighting' when he suggested Israel is committing genocide.
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25 May, 2021
Mark Ruffalo came under fire on social media for the apology [Kevin Winter/Getty-archive]

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo has apologised for suggesting Israel is engaged in "genocide".

The US-based Avengers star took to Twitter to distance himself from previous posts made earlier on social media, the latest A-lister to step back from strong public criticisms of Israel.

He said: "I have reflected & wanted to apologize for posts during the recent Israel/Hamas fighting that suggested Israel is committing 'genocide'."

He described this as "not accurate… inflammatory, disrespectful".

The actor also said it "is being used to justify antisemitism" before cautioning against "hyperbole".

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Social media users hit out at Ruffalo's apology.

Palestinian-American International Solidarity Movement co-founder Huawida Arraf replied: "As an attorney, I have long avoided calling it genocide.

"No longer. Israel's policies fit the legal definition."

She added that the necessary "intent" is shown by "plenty of statements from Israeli officials", dismissing the idea that genocide was being committed was an exaggeration.

It was not immediately apparent where Ruffalo had suggested Israel was perpetrating a genocide, although he has criticised Israel's recent bombing of Gaza.

On 11 May, the day after Israel started its latest airstrikes against Gaza, he tweeted: "Sanctions on South Africa helped free its black people – it's time for sanctions on Israel to free Palestinians. Join the call. #SheikhJarrah".

In October, he slammed Israel for "asymmetrical warfare" against the Palestinian people on The Mehdi Hassan Show.

Israel's 11-day Israeli bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip killed some 250 Palestinians including 66 children, and wounded over 1,910 others.

Ruffalo has previously been criticised by the Campaign Against Antisemitism in 2019 for signing a letter that called then UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn "a life-long committed anti-racist".

The group described him as one of "various familiar controversialists" who lent the letter their support.

It added: "Some of the signatories have made second careers out of baiting Jews."

There is, however, no suggestion the Campaign meant to refer to Ruffalo with this comment.

Jeremy Corbyn was repeatedly slammed during his leadership over allegations of antisemitism that often revolved around his support for Palestinians.

Ruffalo's apology follows a full-page ad published in The New York Times last week accusing Bella and Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa of antisemitism for supporting Palestinians during Israel's Gaza bombardment.