Huge Russian bombing in Aleppo kills dozens of civilians

Huge Russian bombing in Aleppo kills dozens of civilians
Russia launched a series of 'revenge' air raids on areas in Aleppo recently won by rebels, killing and wounding dozens of unarmed civilians.
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05 November, 2016
The strikes hit predominantly civilian areas to the West of Aleppo [AFP]

At least 20 civilians have been killed and dozens injured in the past twenty-four hour of bombing, following Russian air-strikes in West Aleppo and its surrounding areas.

A squadron of Russian war planes bombed a number of villages and residential areas in "revenge" missions, following a recent rebel offensive against regime forces in Aleppo.

"A squadron of Russian aircraft struck the countryside to the west of Aleppo to take revenge on civilians for rebel forces trying and failing to break the siege of east Aleppo," said Ibrahim Abu Laith, a spokesperson for the Syrian Civil Defence, also known as The White Helmets.

"This coincided with renewed shelling on the eastern region [of Aleppo] this morning, causing no casualties."

Russian planes bombed the village of Darat Ezza, to the west of Aleppo, this morning, killing three civilians and injuring dozens of others.

The White Helmets confirmed 17 civilians were killed and 34 wounded by Russian bombing on Friday in the village of Kafrnaha, also to the west of Aleppo.

It is estimated that nearly 350,000 civilians are currently trapped in opposition-held East Aleppo and are suffering from worsening humanitarian conditions.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 69 civilians - including 25 children - have been killed by rebel rockets in regime-controlled West Aleppo, but this figure has been disputed by members of the opposition.

The Russian military gave civilians a ten-hour deadline to leave the territory via eight approved exit routes on Friday. However, civilians told reporters there was no safe way to exit.

Another Russian warship - armed with cruise missiles - arrived on the Syrian coast on Friday, joining Russia's entire northern fleet.

Many in the opposition are predicting a massive wave of bombing by Russian war planes during the US presidential elections.