Houthis lose more ground to Hadi government in Yemen's al-Bayda

Houthis lose more ground to Hadi government in Yemen's al-Bayda
Yemen's minister of information, culture and tourism took to Twitter to rejoice in the authorities' gains in the al-Bayda Governorate, where the whole of the Al-Zaher district has reportedly been taken back.
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06 July, 2021
Yemen's authorities have reportedly made significant gains in al-Bayda [MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP via Getty Images-file photo]


Yemen's Houthi rebels have lost more ground in al-Bayda Governorate to government forces, a minister has said.

Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Moammar Al-Eryani tweeted in Arabic on Monday: "The heroes of the army and the resistance managed to recover the Al-Zaher district centre after fierce battles with the Iran-backed Houthi militia."

Al-Eryani also posted on the social media site in English, where he attached a video purportedly from al-Bayda, with celebratory ululating sounds heard in the background.

"Popular celebration [and] women's ululating joy at [the] arrival of [the] army, resistance [and] tribes in [the] liberated areas of Al-Bayda are conclusive evidence of citizens' need [for the] state [to] return," the post read.

The minister added that the people had "suffered greatly as a result of Houthi killing, abuse, looting, robbery [and] confiscation of rights."

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Yemeni military commander Masad Al-Salahi said that the whole of the Al-Zaher district had been taken back, according to the Anadolu Agency.

He explained that the authorities were pushing onwards and that the battle was ongoing.

Yemen's Houthi rebels had not issued a reply to the authorities' assertions, Anadolu said on Monday.

Yemen's internationally-recognised government began its campaign to seize back the majority Houthi-held al-Bayda Governorate in the country's centre last Friday.

Al-Eryani tweeted on Sunday that "big progress" had been made at Al-Hazimiah, located in another district in al-Bayda.

On Tuesday, he wrote that significant gains had again been made in the area.

Last week, in the crucial battleground Marib region, it was alleged that two drones were launched by the Houthis and subsequently shot down by the official military.

On Monday, the rebels conducted a rare bomb attack on an army site in the Abyan province in Yemen's south.

The deadly civil war in Yemen exploded in 2014 as the Houthis took control of Sanaa, the nation's capital city.

A Saudi-led military coalition has attempted to restore the Hadi government's authority since 2015, however its involvement has been widely criticised, including over alleged war crimes.

The situation for civilians in Yemen is dire, with the circumstances there being described as "the world's worst humanitarian crisis" by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.