Houthis dismiss Saudi ceasefire offer as 'nothing new'

Houthis dismiss Saudi ceasefire offer as 'nothing new'
Houthi rebels dismissed the latest ceasefire offer from Saudi Arabia on Yemen as "nothing new".
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Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam talked to the rebel's Al-Masirah television [Getty]

Yemen's Houthi rebels on Monday dismissed Saudi Arabia's ceasefire offer as "nothing new" and insisted an air and sea blockade be lifted first, after the kingdom made a series of proposals to end the war.

"Saudi Arabia must declare an end to the aggression and lift the blockade completely, but putting forward ideas that have been discussed for over a year is nothing new," said Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam, according to the rebels' Al-Masirah television.

Riyadh announced the ceasefire initiative earlier on Monday, amid an ongoing assault by the Houthis on the city of Marib in Yemen's south.

The proposal includes a partial reopening of Sanaa's international airport and the revival of a power-sharing mechanism between the Sanaa-based rebels and the Yemeni government.

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