Horrific Egypt bus inferno kills 12 factory workers

Horrific Egypt bus inferno kills 12 factory workers
At least 12 factory workers in Egypt have died in a roadside inferno, when a fatal crash sparked a blaze on their bus killing many of the passengers.
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25 February, 2018
Shell of a burned bus after it tipped over outside Sharm el-Sheikh [Getty]

A bus carrying workers in Egypt burst into flames after it flipped over following a crash in Alexandria, with at least 12 factory workers burning to death, according to Egypt Independent

Firefighters and medics from Alexandria and the al-Behaira governorates rushed to the scene but were unable to save many of the passengers travelling back from a nightshift.

Civil defence workers managed to extinguish the fire, which also wounded 22 others, according to AP.

It's unclear how many people were aboard the bus, but it has been reported that the passengers were workers for the night shift at a porcelain factory in al-Ameraya, an area west of Alexandria.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the accident was the result of the bus driver swerving to avoid another vehicle.

One of the bus' tires then reportedly burst, leading the vehicle to overturn and catch on fire.

Road and transport safety is a major concern in Egypt. There is poor enforcement of traffic laws, and roads are badly maintained.

Egypt's statistical body says 14,700 road accidents took place in 2016 alone.

Accidents cost Egypt $7 billion per year, or 3.2 per cent of GDP, according to the World Bank.