Horrific ambush kills women and children in South Sudan

Horrific ambush kills women and children in South Sudan
An attack on a lorry blamed on South Sudanese rebel fighters has left 21 dead as fractures in the war-torn country continue to widen.
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10 October, 2016
Hundreds thousands of South Sudanese have fled violence [AFP]

At least 21 people have been killed in South Sudan - including women and children - following a road ambush over the weekend blamed on rebel fighters, a police spokesman said Monday.

They were travelling in a lorry from the capital Juba to the city of Yei on Saturday when the attack took place.

"They fell into [the] ambush and it was burnt down with some families. We lost something like 21 people," said police spokesman Dominant Kawcgwok.

He said most of the dead were women and children fleeing violence in the north of the country.

Violence has continued in parts of the country since independence.

The United Nations said two weeks ago that around 100,000 people were trapped in Yei, 150 kilometres (93 miles) southwest of Juba, near the borders with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Government forces surrounding the town suspect residents of siding with opposition forces, according to the UN refugee agency.

Pro-government fighters are believed to be resposible for the rape and massacres of hundreds of civilians in and around Juba in July.

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