Hizballah leader sends warning to Islamic State, Israel

Hizballah leader sends warning to Islamic State, Israel
In the latest live television appearance to mark the Israel-Hizballah war, the group's leader addressed the Islamic State group and warned Israel against further aggression.
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14 August, 2016
The Hizballah leader made the comments in a live television appearance [Getty]
Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah urged the Islamic State [IS] and other militant groups to drop their arms on Saturday, as he reiterated a controversial claim that Obama created IS.

“To ISIS, Nusra and the takfiri groups that are fighting, we tell you that you have been exploited over the last five years to destroy the ‘axis of resistance’ and the people of the region,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech marking the 10-year anniversary of the Lebanon-Israel war, using another name for Islamic State.

The Hizballah leader then turned towards the United States political sphere, urging his supporters to listen to comments made by officials.

Repeating comments made by Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, Nasrallah said the US had created the militant IS group to destroy the “axis of resistance.”

“The biggest weapon Trump is using against the Democrats is [to say] that they created ISIS. ... He is saying ‘these were made by Clinton and Obama,’” he said, despite Trump later retracting his comments.

On the Israeli front, Nasrallah praised the efforts of those who took part in the 2006 "victory" against the occupiers, and suggested the war had been a blow to Israel's confidence.

“Israel during the war was hit at its soul, confidence, determination and pride.”

The summer 2006 war lasted for 33 days, killing 1,200 Lebanese, mainly civilians, and 160 Israelis, most of whom were soldiers.

"The Israeli enemy knows that the next war will be the last, and that if it lost, there will no longer be an Israel," he said.

He also said repeated remarks made 16 years ago suggesting Israel was weaker than a "spiderweb."

"I tell Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today that yes, Israel is weaker than a spider web and cannot fight and defend itself," Nasrallah warned.